CML Advocacy 26-28 May 2017, Frankfurt, Germany

Dana 26-28.05.2017. u Frankfurtu je održana CML Horizons konferencija gdje je CML Advocate mreža ove godine ugostila više od 100 predstavnika s osnovnim ciljem pružanja potpore pacijentima oboljelim od kronične mijeloične leukemije I njhovim obiteljima.

Prezentacije, fotografije i video zapise Vam donosimo direktno sa CML Advocates stranice

26th – 28th May 2017, Frankfurt, Germany

PDF - Video Webstream

Parallel Regional Networking Sessions

  • Africa: Access in Africa – Building Bridges (Bahija Goumi)
  • Asia: Living PDF - Video Webstream


Advocacy Session #1: Patient Advocacy – How does drug development work

  • Keynote: Why the voice of patients matters in research and regulatory affairs (Bettina Ryll)  –  PDF - Video Webstream
  • The basics of medicines development and how to educate yourself about medicines R&D (Jan Geissler) – PDF - Video Webstream

Medical Session #1: CML therapies in 2017: Evolution, hope and challenges

Advocacy Session #2: Parallel Session

  • Working with regulators and policy-makers (David Haerry)  -  PDF 
  • Building and managing volunteers – NGO Management (Ananda Plate)  -  PDF 
  • Collaborative action between doctors and patients (Bettina Ryll) – PDF 

Presentation of nominees for elections of the CML Horizons Steering Committee 2018-2019

Medical Session #2: Discontinuing treatment – what we know & what the future brings

  • Stopping treatment – how much we understand about mechanisms to stop successfully today, and where are the limits? (Andreas Hochhaus) – PDF - Video Webstream
  • Patient perspective on living with TFR in all four phases – and the PDF - Video Webstream
  • Debate: Are we ready for recommendations to stop outside of trials? (Andreas Hochhaus, Jane Apperley and Carolina Pavlovsky) - Video Webstream

Advocacy Session #3: Access: The good, bad and ugly

  • Access to treatment in western countries, and the “can of worms” (Jan Geissler) -  PDF - Video Webstream
  • Access to treatment in low and middle income countries, and access programmes (Pat García-González)  -  PDF - Video Webstream
  • Debate: What can the community do about improving access to treatment and monitoring? - Video Webstream

Medical Session #3: Side effects, pregnancy and fertility

Advocacy-Session #4: Best practices in patient advocacy

CML Horizons Steering Committee 2018-2019: Results of the elections – Video Webstream

Report from Regional Sessions – PDF - Video Webstream

Medical Session #4: Advocacy Session #5: Generic drugs in CML 

  • Debate: What can we do to advocate for quality - Video Webstream
  • Advocacy Session #6: Joint action and Community Advisory Boards

    Best Poster, Clossing and Farewell - Video Webstream

    CML Steering Committee

    The programme has been governed by a global steering committee consisting of Izvor: CML Advocates Network / Horizons